Chimney Scopes

Are you looking at home with fireplaces or other heating sources such as wood or pellet stoves? These features in home are very desirable for the warmth and ambiance they add to your home but come with their own unique areas that need attention. We perform a visual chimney inspection to a level 1 standard as prescribed by NFPA 211 however defects in flue liners and the interior of chimney may not be visible due to there concealed nature. Defects in flue liners can affect how well the chimney clears smoke or even prove to be a chimney fire waiting to start. At Stinard Inspections we are happy to be able to provide video scoping of chimneys through accessible areas meeting a level 2 inspection as suggested by NFPA 211 when a property is sold/bought. By using specialized video scoping equipment for the chimney and venting we are able to identify defects in these systems that can pose a safety risk to you and the property you are purchasing. We provide this service on request at $165 for the first flue and $99 for each additional flue in the same building. When booking your inspection do not hesitate to ask about this additional inspection feature.