Condo Inspection Services

Suppose you are looking for all the benefits that accompany owning a house like minimum maintenance, small square footage, minimum purchasing expense, and less expensive utility bills so in that case, you must go for townhouses or condominiums. Irrespective of your buying a condo, you must get the property inspected by an expert home inspector. We are one of the leading home inspection company for residential properties irrespective of the size and shape.

Being an expert in this industry, I will come to your house and assess the interior exterior of the United and identify the issues that have not been disclosed or should be addressed by the seller of the condo before making the offer. You can be saved by all the undo stress and unexpected calls down the line when you go through a professional inspection done by me. When you choose me, you can be stress-free because I make notes of all the parts of the review and then give you the complete picture about the condo inspection during the conclusion of your townhouse inspection the condo inspection. During the inspection also, you can accompany me and ask any questions that you have regarding the property. When you call a certified home inspector like me you can get first-hand experience.

Condo, like any other unattached home ceilings, floor, walls, or windowpanes, indicates some significant issues.

 I know what to look for in the inspection and will provide you with an unbiased property assessment. I also see the discoloration and spots on the ceilings and walls, which might indicate a problem with water leaking from the roof and your unit or the pipes in the walls.  When I visit for a home inspection, I will also identify the structural issues and problems with the foundation.

As I have visited several houses by now, I know what to inspect, and I will also check the condominium for the electrical system. In my inspection, I will check the working outlets’ lighting fixtures, lights, and switches. I will also check for some Breakers and updates in the electrical system. I will assess the functionality of your HVAC system and advice the heating and cooling system, and check if it is working correctly or not.

I need to know if there are any problems with the plumbing before you make any offer on the condo or the apartment. When it comes to plumbing problems, I look for leakages around the pipes and fixtures besides checking the faucets. I ensure that the toilet is functioning well. Lastly, I will determine if the water pressure is acceptable and if the water is up to the mark and then guide you about my findings and what steps you need to take ahead.

So if you are looking forward to getting a condo inspection CT and then don’t think twice before connecting with me via phone at (203) 538-9667, or you can visit me at 394 New Haven Ave Unit 7 Milford, CT 06460.