Frequently Asked Questions

What do we inspect on a home inspection?

As licensed home inspectors in Connecticut we use the scope of practice set by the department of consumer protection as our starting point for your inspection. During your home inspection we will inspect and provide our findings on all major systems of the house including:


Exterior including siding, windows, doors and decks

Roofing including visual inspection of any chimneys present

Structure of the house

Electrical system

Plumbing system

Heating and Cooling systems

Interior condition of all areas of the house

We also include with every home inspection a basic function test of all appliances coming with the home, a wood destroying insect inspection commonly referred to as a termite inspection, as well as our home warranty package which can be found on the warranty page.

How long will my home inspection take?

This depends on the size of the house we are inspecting for you and add on services you have also requested. We generally schedule at least 2-3 hours per inspection and adjust up from there. Our inspectors are only scheduled for a maximum of 2 inspections per day to allow enough time on site to allow for a full inspection and to be able to answer any of your questions.

Can I follow the inspector and ask questions?

Not only are you allowed to follow us with some limitations for your safety, but we encourage you to be present as this is your time to ask the questions you want answered about your new home. We are here to be a resource for you and help you have a full understanding of your new home.

How and when will I get your report?

We usually have reports of inspections out in 24-36 hours after the completion of the inspection. We send a link to your report which you can open from your web enabled device and view or download the report.

What is thermal imaging and why do you use it?

Thermal imaging is technology that allows us to see temperature in an infrared format. This is commonly mistaken for allowing us to see through walls. What it does do is show areas of unusual temperature changes we can use to pinpoint water intrusion from the exterior or an interior plumbing leak, electrical overheating, as well as other areas to investigate for possible defects or areas of concerns. We are certified residential thermographers and believe that this technology offers us an extra tool to provide the best home inspection possible for you and your family.

If I am getting a home inspection, why do I need additional services you offer?

Every home and home buyers’ needs are different, by offering our additional services in a menu and package format we are able to provide the best experience and pricing to your individual needs in a home inspection.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept checks and all major credit cards for payment. We do not have additional charges for paying with a credit card. When paying with a credit card you have the option to pay at the inspection or online when booking your appointment which will bill after your inspection has started.

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