New Construction

We are often asked why new houses need to be inspected if they are inspected by a town building official. Town building officials do a great job but unfortunately have limited time on site and are looking for code compliance. We view building code as a starting point as it is the minimum acceptable standard on new construction which is often several years behind best building practices when it is written and by the time accepted by most jurisdictions. When phased inspections are done as your new home is being built it allows for an extra set of eyes over your new home, allowing us to be a resource for you and your builder to help with not only code compliance but also current and best building practices as well as building science, to ensure a comfortable well built home for years to come.

Generally, there are four visits that are made during the construction process of your new house including:

  • Completion of the foundation
  • Pre drywall, which allows us to evaluate the framing, insulation and roofingMechanical inspection of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC system
  • Final Inspection, this is a full home inspection which gives us the ability to test all final installations and document any concerns or corrections that may need to be made.

We are happy to make additional inspections as needed to aid in the construction process of your house.

Have you bought a new construction house and decided to wave inspections at the time you purchased it? Chances are you are working with a reputable builder that has provided a 1-year warranty on their work, in these cases we are happy to provide an 11 month warranty inspection. This allows us to help you identify areas of concern or possible future problem areas to have your builder correct before your warranty expires.