Is there a reason why pool inspections are necessary?

Looking For a Home in Litchfield, Middlesex, Fairfield, and New Haven County CT With a Pool or Hot Tub?

Work with a preferred home inspector to make sure your future pool is up to industry standards.

Swimming pools and hot tubs can be an active feature when looking at a home. Firstly, These are areas that are not normally covered in a home inspection. Secondly, most home inspectors shy away from looking at these items. But we are specially certified in this area to give you a clear understanding of their condition and save you from having to have a separate inspection by a pool company. We are giving you an independent voice on their condition.

pool inspections

Pool Inspections by Stinard Inspections

We adhere to set standards to make sure that your pool or hot tub is functioning properly, has serviceability and includes safety features.

Call today to schedule a swimming pool inspection. We inspect both above-ground and in-ground pools.


Fred Stinard has over 20 years of experience in the building trades from repairs and renovating to the restoration of antique homes. He knows what to look out for and can catch things other inspectors may miss due to his unique experience and background. Fred inspects every property as if it was being purchased by his family members. You can rest assured that you
will receive a full report on every area of your property.

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